Sligo Woodland School, led by Trisha MacLaughlin, is a unique educational initiative with a deep-rooted commitment to fostering creative connections with nature while imparting valuable skills and knowledge. This outdoor school offers a wide range of engaging activities that enable individuals and communities to explore and appreciate the natural world.

At the heart of Sligo Woodland School’s philosophy is the belief in nurturing a strong bond between people and the environment. Through various outdoor adventures, participants have the opportunity to connect with nature in meaningful ways. Activities include foraging, creating nature-based art and crafts, playing nature embodiment games and songs, and learning essential bushcraft skills.

Trisha MacLaughlin, the driving force behind the school, brings over 22 years of experience in community development and early childhood care education to her role as an educational outdoor leader. Her expertise is enriched by a Master’s degree in Creative Development in Early Childhood Care and Education and a Level 3 (UK) Certificate in Forest School Programme Leadership. Trisha’s research has notably focused on the benefits of outdoor risky play for learning.

Throughout her career, Trisha has not only worked in education but also actively contributed to community projects and research initiatives. She has collaborated with organizations such as Sligo LEADER and played a pivotal role in projects like “Soil is Not Dirt,” which aimed to engage preschools, primary schools, community groups, and resident associations in nature-based workshops.

Moreover, Trisha’s dedication extends to her involvement as a founding committee member of the Irish Forest School Association and the Sligo Children’s Community Garden. Her commitment to community and nature-based learning is evident in her work on projects funded by Community Foundation Ireland, focusing on intergenerational learning, nature-based education, and climate awareness.

In essence, Sligo Woodland School, under the guidance of Trisha MacLaughlin, is a place where people of all ages can immerse themselves in the wonders of nature, learn essential skills, and foster a lifelong connection with the environment while promoting community engagement and awareness.